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Photo: Sean Dunn

Photo: Sean Dunn

While attending the 2012 installment of the Huntington Music and Arts Festival, my brother Dave and I kicked around the idea that we should start a record label featuring bands and artists from our home state of West Virginia. After joking that we should name it after the constant questioning over whether we were twins or brothers, we started Twin Cousins Records, an independent label. Despite living hundreds of miles away from the label's homebase, it's been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. 

Thus far, we've released full length records from Ona (Huntington, WV), Goodwolf (Morgantown, WV), Bishops (Shepherdstown, WV), J. Marinelli (Lexington, KY via Morgantown, WV) as well as EPs and singles from Tucker Riggleman of Bishops and Nights and Weekends (Huntington, WV). We've also released a few compilations featuring artists that aren't on our roster. 

We've been fortunate to generate some impressive publicity for our releases that we've released in only a few years of existence including writeups from NPR MusicPopMatters, Bucket Full of Nails, and other nationally-recognized music blogs. 

In April of 2015, the label was invited to host a showcase at the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival (CIMMFest) at Burlington Bar. Along with some generous support from others in the West Virginia music community, we rounded up eight bands to perform at the festival. We commemorated the occasion with an 8-song compilation released digitally and on cassette tape that featured each of the bands performing at our showcase called The Chicago Bubs. 

If you're at all interested, you can learn more about the label here:

Twin Cousins Records on Bandcamp
Twin Cousins Records on Facebook
Twin Cousins Records on Twitter
Twin Cousins Records on Instagram

At this time, the label isn't actively scouting for new talent, but please feel free to say hello or send us some music to check out by emailing us.